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 President's Message

Welcome to the Municipal Court Managers Association of Ontario (MCMA) website.
Our Association, since its constitution was passed in April 2002, serves its members by offering advice, training and suggestions on various court practices.
Our mission is to "Provide excellence in the delivery of court administration services" within the administration of Provincial Offences Act courts.
The Province of Ontario is divided into seven judicial regions. Accordingly, the MCMA has divided itself into seven regions each represented on the Board of Directors. Directors serve in various capacities and they are elected by the court managers within their respective regions for a period of two years. In addition, where the holder of the position of President changes, the former holder continues to serve the Association as the Immediate Past President.
In the Province of Ontario, charges laid under Provincial statutes, Municipal bylaw and certain Federal contraventions are filed with courts that are administered by Ontario municipalities who have a reporting relationship to the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General.
Our members are actively engaged in promoting best and proven practices and many individuals contribute their time and expertise on various committees. 
The opportunity of using the Internet as a communication vehicle permits our members and other visitors with the ability to stay in touch on various issues that affect the important work that court staff do across Ontario.

















Commitment to Excellence

The Municipal Court Managers Association is committed to high standards of professionalism and expertise. Our members are highly experienced court managers who possess a wide range of practical skills and a diverse educational background. We share a common goal of wanting the most efficient and customer-friendly POA court system that we can provide.

The association is also “Committed to Excellence” in providing French Language Services in accordance with the Courts of Justice Act and the French Language Services Act.


Partnership Between MCMA and OMMI

To recognize the wealth of expertise that court managers and their staff possess, the MCMA entered into a partnership with the Ontario Municipal Management Institute (OMMI) in 2010. By evaluating qualifications and experience against a stringent set of criteria, OMMI categorizes successful applicants as Certified Municipal Manager (CMM) or the higher level designations of CMM  I, CMM II or CMM III. Successful applicants who work within the POA court administration field may also apply to enhance their CMM designation with the career specific specialism of either “Court Professional” or “Court Executive”. For the designation “Court Executive” the applicant must have been assessed by OMMI at a minimum of CMM Level II and they must also be employed as the senior person managing daily POA functions for an Ontario municipality. For more information on OMMI, please visit their website:


Ongoing Accreditation Process

The OMMI-MCMA accreditation process provides a clear indication of professional achievement and will assist in future career development and succession planning. Over time, as membership grows within the “Court Professional” and “Court Executive” categories, the MCMA hopes to see more and more municipalities incorporating the requirements into their job descriptions and vacancy notices for court staff positions. 











Board Members


Patrick Emard

President, Board Director (East)

Patrick Emard has been the coordinator for the delivery of Provincial Offences court services for the City of Ottawa since 2001 and is the board member representing the East Region. He has worked in a variety of positions in the administration of justice for the past 18 years at the provincial and municipal level. He has been involved in a number of projects relating to technology and improving administrative processes. 


Rodger Bates

Vice President, Board Director (Central East)

Rodger Bates has worked in the Ontario judicial system for over 30 years; has held positions with Barrie Police, the Provincial Prosecutors office, and since 1999, with the City of Barrie as Manager of Court Services.  Rodger has served as Board Secretary, is a member of the Statistics Committee and is Board Director representing Central East Region.


Leesa Shanley

Treasurer, Board Director (West)

Leesa Shanley became the MCMA Board representative for the West Region in 2013 and has worked in both Provincial and Municipal Court Administration since 1990, and is currently the Provincial Offences Administration Supervisor for the County of Elgin. Leesa is also a current member of the POA Operational Systems Committee.


Nicole Grisdale 

Secretary, Board Director (North East)

Nicole Grisdale began her career in 1998 working for the Ministry of the Attorney General as a Court Reporter. Since 2001 Nicole worked in Southern Ontario for the Provincial Offences administration up until January 2015 when she accepted a position as the Court Liaison Supervisor in her home town of Sault Ste. Marie. As one of the most recent members of the MCMA board, Nicole looks forward to new challenges and experiences as the representative for the North East Region. 


Barry Randell

Board Director (Toronto)

Barry Randell served members of the MCMA as President from 2004 to 2013. Since 2001, Barry has occupied the position of Director, Court Services with the City of Toronto. As President, Barry was active in working with other Associations and with staff of the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General. Barry has been involved with Ontario's justice system since 1974 and has a particular interest in finding greater efficiencies within the court system that improves public access to this important service.


Kathy Dallaire

Board Director (North West)

Kathy Dallaire is Board Director representing the North West Region and manages court operations in Thunder Bay.  Kathy has previously held positions as Board Secretary and President for the MCMA.  


Joanne Spriet

Board Director (Central West)

Joanne Spriet became Board Director in 2017 representing the Central West Region.















Contact Us


MCMA President:

Patrick Emard

Coordinator, Courthouse and Provincial Offences Services
City of Ottawa
100 Constellation Drive

Ottawa, ON K2G 6J8

Tel: 613 580-2424 ext.44203 

General Inquiries:

Front Line Directory:

Click here for a listing of Provincial Offences Courts


Members must be directly employed by a Municipal Partner in a capacity related to POA Administration.


















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